Negril and 7 Mile Beach

Negril, Jamaica
Negril lies on the western edge of the island. It is a beauty sport and offers beautiful sunsets, beaches and evening parties.
It is not for those who seek the fast life, and became popular in the 60’s for just that
The flower people found it first and even today it is the younger crowd you will find on the beach bars and cafes at night, with the sounds of reggae
It also offers 5 mile stretch of superb cliffs where you’ll find people diving into the sea.
Again this is a snorkeller's dream with its coral reefs as well as numerous water sports.
There is a protected area looking after its exotic birds and crocodiles.

Rhodes Hall Plantation
After you have had enough beach life, you could take a walk to this small estate not far from Negril.
Horseback tours let you see a different aspect of the island as you trek through the foothills, banana plantations and coconut palms finally reaching crocodile river.
You could even go on the extended tour which lasts about 2 hours.

Seven Mile Beach
Columbus and the awarak fought t a bloody battle here along this beautiful coastline.
All new housing has been kept at palm tree height to retain the natural feel of the place.
There are many guesthouses and hotels but all are within keeping and the beauty of the place has been preserved.