Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica draws inspiration in poets and artists with its magnificent sunsets, the warmth of the local people, beautiful mountains and cascading waterfalls.
In earlier years only the rich and privileged visited the island. Today the island throbs with tourists and locals making the most of the business they provide.
 The downside of this vibrant island is the inhabitants who depend to a great extent on visitors, and the reason they tend to over sell their products and services as anyone who has visited will know.

The country offers a fabulous range of colours which stays with you long after your holiday ends.

If you wondered where Reggae music came from, look no further.
This where it started, and drew world recognition due to the musician Bob Marley.
After Miami, it is the largest English speaking city south of the states

Most tourists keep to the beaches of the north and west resorts coming in only at night for the rich and varied nightlife.

Montego Bay
One of the most popular beaches in the island, with a shore line of some 10 miles.
There is a fabulous coral reef and beautiful deep blue lagoons.
In the distance the hills are covered with sugar cane, banana palms and lush vegetation.
Technically the first tourist to arrive was Christopher Columbus in 1494
These beaches are the ones you see in the postcards and films and look like heaven on earth, with the light coloured and, palm trees and multiple coloured waters of the bay.

Bob Marley
All islanders are proud of their local superstar Bob Marley, and there is a theatre in Montego Bay, where hourly screenings of his life and music are shown
In 1831 Samual Sharpe ws a slave who headed the Christmas Rebellion to free Jamaica. There are tours from Croydon which start from Montego and shoud be tops in anyone's list of things to see and do.
You will also have the chance to sample some of the islands exotic fruits.

These are just a few of the spots you can visit on your caribbean wedding