Kingston, Jamaica

Blue Mountains
Visitors can enjoy a drive into the Blue Mountains, home of Jamaica's famous coffee. The road will take you to Newcastle, a historic fort which has housed famous British regiments and today is home to the Jamaica Defense Force. One mile down the road is Hardwar Gap in the John Crow National Park. Further still, At Hollywell, a little further on in the park you will find walks and views which make your trip worth the effort.

Mavis Bank
Mavis Bank is a coffee farm situated high in the Blue Mountains area, inviting visitors to see how the world renowned Blue Mountain Coffee is grown . The drive up into the mountains is breath taking and the tour of the factory is engrossing. You can sample a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee. It would be every coffee lover's dream to taste.

City Tours of Kingston town.
Most tour operators in the city center, will organise a tour of the cultural and historic places places to see. Alternatively you could make arrangements with the local taxis, but do agree a price before you start in order to save stressful arguments at the end of your trip.
Devon House is on Hope Road and is a must see. Its elegance dates back to colonial times.
Next door is King's House. the residence of the Governor General. Further along Hope Road is the Bob Marley Museum, attracting thousands each year. Still further along again, is Hope Botanical Gardens which also offers a small zoo with birds and animals from all over the Caribbean. In the same neighborhood lies the University of the West Indies, one of the prettiest campuses in the world, just in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

Lime Cay
Morgan's Harbour Hotel at Port Royal offers an excellent trip to the island of Lime Cay, a favorite spot for local yachts people. The white sand beach and sparkling clear water that abounds with fish, makes diving and swimming something to remember.

Port Royal
Unfortunately, most of the old city of Port Royal, once the pirate capital of the New World, sank beneath the waves in an earthquake in 1692. Over the years excavation work has been carried out to recover artifacts from this rich town.
Fort Charles, where Lord Nelson once visited, still stands and the silent cannon keeps watch from its battlements. The Maritime Museum is in Fort Charles itself while the Port Royal Archaeological and Historical Museum,, is situated in the old Naval Hospital. You can drive there beyond Norman Manley International Airport or catch the ferry across the harbour.

These are just a few of the spots you can visit on your caribbean wedding