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Key things most Jamaica wedding planners don't tell you until it's too late:

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Think of a white sandy beach on a tropical island in the sun easy to get to sounds good, then you can make this vision a reality. This place does exist, although it is still a a secret kept from tourists who do not explore the charms of the capital and the south east coastline.

Perhaps reminiscent of the scene from a Dicken's novel, Lime Cay island is cut off from the mainland by the sea at the time of high tide, no one lives here. How might you be taken in? Only if you were buying a property on it at low tide and did not realize you woudl be stranded. Think this coud not happen? You'd be wrong.

If you are feeling adventurous then pack your afternoon meal, and set sail. Don't expect to buy anything to eat there. Maybe a few coconuts hang tantalizingly close to hand, but as far as cafeterias and restaurants are concerned,forget it. You are stepping back into the era of Chales Dickens and no such eating places exist.

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